Come and Grow With Us! We Believe in Good! :)

The First Cannabis Church of Florida and USA

Happy New Year 2017

Peace Love and Good People = Happiness Big Grin

We want to welcome all of our new members to our church, so far we have over 180 members world wide and have helped other cannabis churches get started and also helped people become pastors misisters and other. 



As of December 26th 2015 We are now a Free Church Seperate from the State.


WE were The Very FIRST State Approved Cannabis Church in Florida.

The First Cannabis Church of Florida.

  We are Now a Non-Profit Organization! We Are The First Cannabis Church of Florida!  

 I certify the records of this office show THE FIRST CANNABIS CHURCH OF FLORIDA LLC, is a limited liability company organized under the laws of the State of Florida, filed electronically on the date of May 06, 2015, effective April 30, 2015.

We are a ONLINE Church... for now. ''NO SALES''  We are a Legal Cannabis Church Based in Florida and the USA.

Our Services Hours are Every Day From 420am to 420pm

We Welcome Members from ALL States and Non-violent Religions.

Location: Our Homes, Grow rooms, Hospital rooms, Gardens, Beaches, Hotels, or anywhere peaceful and welcoming. We also Welcome Kids, POT POW's, EVEN PETS are welcome to be Members of Our Church.

Cannabis Church is for all Religions and States for Members Whom Believe in Good, Self Healing. As The First Cannabis Church of Florida We Believe in All Natural Organic Home Grown Cannabis and Hemp Products. You ''do not'' have to use Cannabis to be a MEMBER :)

MISSION:  Help Our Homeless, Veterans and Local Hungry. We will be Helping Kids with Cancer and Other Childhood Illnesses Find Help or Resources to Gain Access to (Safer Medication's) in Legal States. We will be setting up a funding to help with Traveling to and From Legal States and/or to help with other Medical needs and/or training and MUCH More listed under our Church Documents Tab.  :)

Please Donate and Share.

Please Read Before Posting: If you do not live in a legal State Please Seek Legal Advice Before Using Cannabis or Related Products of The Plant. 

This is a Public website so everyone or anyone can read what you post, We do not want Anyone Getting Arrested. 



We are a Non-Denominational Church, we are not asking People to Change Religions or Churches. Some of Our Members Believe in God and Some Don't. We will not be pushing any Religion at our Church. We have Members from all over the World, and you don't have to use Cannabis to Be a Member.

We Believe in Good! Come and Grow with Us :)

This Could Be Our Church, We Need Donations and Volunteers.
Join Our Church and Help Us Grow. :)

Our Church/Farm will need offices, a place to live and plenty of room to build tiny homes for our Mission. It should be large enough to have a VERY Large Garden that Would Feed Hundreds of People and Local Families and Have Local Grown Organic Food and Veggies. Fresh Eggs, Cheeses, and other Farm Products. :)

The First Cannabis Church of Florida Mission


We are the First Cannabis Church, We WELCOME Members from all States.

As The First Cannabis Church of Florida We Believe in All Natural Organic Home Grown Cannabis and HEMP Products.

WE Support Our Great State of Florida and Our Country.

We Believe in All Natural Organic Vegetable and Farming ; in Growing Cannabis and or other Products.

We Believe Cannabis is a Spiritual Healing Plant and a Source of Fiber, Fuel, and so Many Other Products. We Believe in Whole Plant for Cancer and Other Illnesses and HEMP for Use in Farming to include and Promote LOCAL Famers and Companies.

We Support Practices that Include the use of Solar power, and so Much more.

Things We Do Not Promote> GMO's of ANY KIND, PESTICIDES.

We Do Not Support> The Over breeding of pets, to include, dogs, cats or horse and so on.

We Do Not Promote> Racing Horses, Dogs, Cats or Frogs.....

We Are Open to Suggestions, We Think Outside of the BOX. 

Rules: We Are NON-Violent Church Members Only!


Peace, Love and Happiness :)




Our Cards will be Temporary Membership Cards until we get the New Church website set up. We are so new we are still trying to work out all the actions needed to be taken! We do Need Help and Volunteers. We will be sending the cards out on Tuesday next week.
Peace, Love and Happiness :)

If you would like to help or Volunteer Contact us at:

We Believe in Good and Helping to Grow a Better World.
Peace, Love and Happiness! :)

We are a Family First Church, We Believe in Family Time and Fun. :)
Peace, Love and Happiness :) No Smoking During Services :)

We Believe in Good Food and Kind Farming! :)

State Approved and World Wide! :)

I/we are starting a local FOOD Pantry If you live locally and have any seeds, pots and/or planters, soil, gardening stuff, boards for beds, tin, hoses, shelves, a shed, tarps, pavers or anything that can be recycled I would be glad to meet or pick up. :)

Have a Great Day! :)