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We Love New Members :) Peace Love and Good Friends = Happiness CoolHeartBig Grin

Membership with ID card

Price: 24.20 USD
Church Membership Cards will Include Church Information and the Member's ID Number. Peace Love and Happiness. :)

The First Cannabis Church of Florida tee shirt

Price: 44.20 USD

Donation To Help Fund Our Church Building and Miss

Price: 10.00 USD
Donations Help Fund Our Mission and Help Us Grow a Better World and Way of Life. Peace Love and Happiness.

Trump Signing the Freedom of Religion 2018

Price: 44.20 USD
Trump signed the Freedom of Religion Document Jan 2018

The First Cannabis Church Bumper Sticker

Price: 14.20 USD
The First Cannabis Church Official Bumper Sticker, this donations is to help homeless veterans, 10 dollars will go into a saving account for the veterans and 4.20 will cover cost of shipping and the sticker cost. Peace Love and Helping Our People who Served OUR Country = Happiness :)

The First Cannabis Official Coffee Cup

Price: 24.20 USD
All Donations Help Fund Our Mission. Thank You!