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Letter to Attorney General Pam Bondi

From Pastor Sister Smith to: AG Pam Bondi Email

Subject: Our Church Re: Our Church and Our Rights Complaint.

9-30-2015 Third Time Filing this Complaint. Please Respond As the Founder/Pastor of Our Church I have filed to 2 request for an injunction against the State of Florida and local authorities in regards to our church and our rights as members and the use of Our Holy Sacrament. Since I have had no reply to my request I feel I need to again request that the State of Florida Grant the First Cannabis Church it's Request for an Injunction Against the State of Florida, The FDLE, and or Any other Legal Resource in Regards to the USE GROWING of Cannabis and Hemp for use by Our Current and or Future Members. The Cannabis Plant and it's Sister Plant Hemp is Very Sacred to us and what be Believe in. We have request a face to face with Pam Bondi and Rick Scott but they seem to not have any time for our church, members or our religion. NOTICE: To Whom it may Concern, I/we have asked for guidance in our mission as a Church only to be overlooked by the State of Florida and the People that where hired to Protect and Serve. I Markana Smith, as the Pastor of the First Cannabis Church of Florida will have to ASSUME that it is Our Churches Rights and that all of its Current and Possible Future Members will have the the Right to Grow Cannabis and Hemp at home and Use Cannabis as Our Holy Sacrament and Posses Cannabis as Needed for Our Religion and Religious Practices, We Believe in all Natural Home Grown Cannabis and or Local Organic Grown Cannabis and Hemp. Our Church is State Approved Located in Florida and is World Wide and WE are Protected Under the CURRENT FEDERAL LAW SIGNED BY BILL CLINTON in 1993 AND UNDER THE CURRENT LAW REGARDING THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH. If Anyone should have ANY Comment or Disapproval as to this letter of Notice to the State of Florida, CC State Attorney Pam Bondi and to CC Governor Rick Scott please feel free to contact me so we can resolve this matter soon. Please Reply in Writing with in 10 days or I/we will have to assume that Our Rights are as Stated Above. Markana Smith, Pastor First Cannabis Church of Florida World Wide