As a new religion we believe in all good, and the good things we believe in are, good food, good friends, good people and good things happening. We also believe in treating our CHURCH AKA our bodies with the best care we can give it including not using GMO food or products, we do not believe in vaccines that are unsafe, we do not believe in bad drugs or chemicals as treatments in pill form or any kind, we do not believe in any kind of tracking devices being implanted on our Churches or Body as we are the church, we believe in good and bad Karma and we believe in helping to make our world a Much better and safer place for everyone to live in PEACE and to create a better future for our children and grandchildren to live on.


we are updating our website please check it out. Peace Love and Good People = Happiness


We believe in eating and useing non GMO food and Products

We do not believe in being Tracked for any reason.

We do not believe in feeding our children Poison of any kind.

We do not believe in supporting company's that SPRAY POISON on our food.