The VetVillage Welcome Home Fund

The VetVillage Welcome Home Fund

We are working on many projects and this one is needed sooner than later.

The VetVillage Welcome Home Fund will provide homes for our vets in need and more.

10 dollars of every donation 14.20 will be used for vets only to be put in a saving account for them. 4 dollars and 20 cents will help pay for the sticker and shipping cost. 

We need to help our people in need and our vets are the top of the list. 

Peace Love and VetWithHomes = Happiness :) 


Pastor Sister Smith :) 2-11-2018


The First Cannabis Official Bumper Sticker 14.20Price

10 Dollars of Every Donation for a Bumper Sticker goes right into a Vetvillage fund to be used only for our vets on need.